Eventually this site will become a personal blog, but for now it's just a randomized set of VHS-esque backgrounds. I'll likely use the script I'm working on now to create the blog, so hopefully I finish it.

hi matt

hello matt, do u like my website?


matt said "it's pretty good"

the forum is now open

it's the most exclusive forum on the internet

you can find it on the navigation section of this page, or by going to

i say it's the most exclusive forum on the internet because it's true. if you sign up i have to manually approve that you're worthy of joining. go ahead and submit an application! maybe you'll be lucky enough, who knows??

well, anyway, just thought i'd post to clarify why that link is there and why it's working

Kept you waiting, huh?

I'm finally working on something.

As you can see, I've created a new layout. I'm designing it in a way to focus on quick content creation and fast loading times. I aim to make it file-based and non-reliant on a database of any kind. You could say the inspiration comes from Grav and other file-based content delivery systems, but I also wanted to blend the small-posting aspects of Tumblr and Twitter.

Currently, I've completed about 90% of the layout (still focusing on proper masonry, and maybe a read more option for longer posts), and I've set it up to pull the posts from a directory automatically. Next steps will be to tighten up the layout and allow for an admin account and text-editor so uploading files via FTP won't be necessary. I'll probably be pretty quiet on this site, but if I get a blog set up over on I'll be sure to provide an update here.

Update (1/5/2019)

I've made some changes to the original design. The new desktop layout is a little more streamlined, and the masonry is working horizontally now. I've also added a settings file to control the number of posts per page, site title, logo, and main domain. There are also working previous and next buttons that cycle through the queried folder.

Next Steps:

  • Ability to pull posts from a category.
  • Post Editor (purely text to start)
  • Clean up CSS/HTML/PHP/jQuery
  • Fix masonry upon window resize (currently needs refresh)
  • Add IE CSS file to fix variable colors not loading
  • Image emphasis/highlight when clicked
  • Accessibility standards

Anyway, this is probably the most ambitious project I've embarked on, so hopefully I keep at it.

Unfortunately this site no longer exists.

#endofanera #bringbackthecorn

I made this site in 2015 as an attempt to program a social media/user login system from scratch. I think it's okay, but looking back on the code it definitely could be improved.

This is a very bad website that no one should visit. If you're curious though, follow the link and make an account.